We have been developing the brand and it's portfolio of patents for over a decade now with it's first patent issued in April of 2007.

2008 -  The first patent joined the Payment Card Services Industry by becoming the first Integrated Giftcard for the 2008 Beijing Olympics made available at 185 Simon Malls coast-to-coast. Simon Property Group has created “The Gift That Takes The Gold” marketing campaign in conjunction with Simon Property Group (Simon Gift Card Malls), which promoted Coca-Cola and Visa’s sponsorship of the Beijing Olympics exclusively at Simon Malls throughout the U.S." (August 2008, Sports Business Daily). Initially 100,000 cards were made available at 185 Simon Malls coast-to-coast.  At the end of the three (3) month campaign 175,000+ cards were sold with an average load of $120.00.

2010 - The Nandin USB Flex-Card™ is introduced as the first ISO CR80 flexible storage device card designed to fit in your wallet, with a card base that is the size and thickness of a credit card. It expanded the versatility and functionality of any multi feature card developed. It is used as an interactive marketing tool (promotions, product introductions, downloads, applications, etc.), for storing personal information (health care & medical, music and movies, etc.), educational materials (from college curriculums to your final thesis) and the list goes on.

Manufactured by Giesecke & Devrient

Manufactured by ABnote

Beijing Olympics

iPhone 4 Prototype

2010 USB Prototype

2011 - The popularity of the iPhone opened up many opportunities in the cell phone accessories market for entrepreneurs. There were reservations when the decision was made to move forward with the iPhone 4 case prototype yet with our tolerance stack modeling style and the diagrams and technical specifications previously completed, a few quick adjustments were made and the prototype was in our hands. The Flash Memory Card connects by sliding into the Nandin iQuiver on the back of the case and is assembled with standard biometric security features. Although it worked perfectly our common sense risk model showed us that the current evolving design and technology of cell phones would make it near impossible to effectively offer a functioning manufactured accessory to quickly meet the demands of consumers.


As we continually invent, develop and manufacture new and innovative products, we understand that a critical component of the process involves thorough testing of structural integrity and technological features.   

Nandin Arrow First Generation Card Flex Testing


Manufactured by Nandin

2011 - While manufacturing and testing, Nandin signed a licensing agreement with the world's largest teen prepaid MasterCard® brand, MyPlash. Images were made available which included brands such as Paul Frank, Rip Curl, Tapout to music and entertainment with the Twilight Saga film Eclipse. Simply put the concept makes sense. The joint effort is to support the advances of paperless file sharing by and between students and educators.

Manufactured by ABnote

2012 - The debut of the interactive OC Helicopters USB Flash Memory Storage Giftcard, preloaded with coastal tour videos, made it's way into Costco Membership Retail Stores across Southern California. Within two (2) years of successful campaigning in Costco, Nandin and OC Helicopters secured a deal with Sport Chalet®, North America's largest scuba retailer, with branded kiosks in designated areas of their Scuba Department showcasing the OC Helicopter's PADI Certified Heli-Dive Course.

Manufactured by Cardlogix

2013 - As the casino industry begins to move away from Ticket-In Ticket-Out and barcode vouchers, Cardlogix developed the next step in Loyalty Gaming Rewards Card Programs by implementing Smart Card Technology. Nandin supplied the product and Cardlogix made the connection creating the first USB gaming Players Card to be tested in market. A few functionality features of the model are cashless play, authentication on multiple networks, enables ID verification for online play as well as allowing room access and easy tracking of casino rewards programs. 

Cardlogix Gaming

ID Medical Emergency Card


Manufactured by Cardserv

2015 - ID-ME (Identification Medical Emergency) is a secure service to keep family, emergency workers and employers immediately informed about an appropriate response in the case of an emergency. By providing secure, on-demand emergency information right on your phone (or even in your wallet), ID-ME helps emergency workers make more informed decisions. And best of all? You get peace of mind when it comes to you and your loved ones.


Access your loved one’s emergency information in an instant.

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The patented "Nandin Arrow" is customizable and can be outfitted with several daily use connectors such as the iPhone Lightning, USB-C, Mini A and Micro B USB as well as the SuperSpeed USB.  


A unique feature of the “Nandin Arrow” is it’s ability to house a Mini SD card. The Mini SD slides into the built-in casing of the arrow (original 2013 internal prototype shown) and connects to the cards USB tracks, turning the Nandin Arrow into a Mini SD Card Reader that fits into any standard USB drive port.

Nandin Arrow

All-In-One Card


The original 1100+ page MultiCard (referred to as the All-In-One Card) patent proposal presented in 2004, was a concept which came from a vision of what consumer purchasing would look like today as mobile and hand-held devices become more technologically advanced, more secure and more affordable.


On a trip overseas back in 2009 it was clear that the electronic infrastructure for the soon to be “digital wallet” phenomenon was not only working, but was also receiving little resistance from consumers. We were excited to see that our concept of having a card communicate directly with a mobile or hand-held device was making it’s way into present day.


The technological understanding and development of the All-In-One Card is relatively simple. It is having a complete understanding of how each integral component within the Payment Card Industry "PCI" works with one another that is vital. An in depth knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of issuers, processing houses and manufacturers, where, when and how they connect and every step in succession of how a payment card makes the journey from concept - to market - to transacting is the most important factor in bringing this interim solution to consumers.

Naturally, with what we had seen over the last five (5) years we maintained our focus on a real concept that "makes sense" to a general consumer. Having the ability to connect directly to a handheld or mobile device is the true secure way to store, unlock and use a variety of cards you carry now.


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