Whether conscious or not during an emergency medical situation it is vital that emergency response systems are executed effectively.  An immediate thorough assessment by a first aid responder can be the difference between life and death. In addition to government required identification information, the ID-ME card answers the three (3) key HAM questions required for proper treatment...

History - Does the patient have any pertinent medical history? Anything that the patient may feel is applicable to the current illness or injury?


Allergies - Is the patient allergic to medications, food, or other substances?


Medication -  What medications is the patient currently taking? Over-the-counter medications, herbal medications, and supplements that the patient may be taking.


Let's increase the chances of survival by helping people be more prepared.  It's important to remember that if a person or child is unconscious or unable to respond, consent is implied. 

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It's Proven...Medical ID's Save Lives.

With USB technology and Unique Identifier Quick Response (QR) codes it stores the patients information needed in any medical situation.  Minimize delays in treatment and network referrals by easily and securely sharing up to date personal health records (PHR's) with any health care/medical network and or provider. 

Insurance details

Completed Standard Network Forms

X-Ray and Imaging Files

Clinical Findings

Dr Progress Notes

Medical Expenses & Claims

Billing Processes

Pharmacy Records


Medical History Statements

Treatment & Recovery Plans

Medication Regimes

Laboratory Data

Diagnostic Results & Evaluations

Pre & Post Operative Care

Discharge Records

Nursing Care


Personalized ID-ME Card

Our contact smart card chips are all equipped with ISO 7816, T=0 interface and contactless payment MIFARE/PayPass or NFC capabilities.  USB flash memory capacities are selected to fit the card programs needs and can be pre-loaded with marketing material, user guides and manuals, multi-media, etc.  The auto launch option allows you to link your cardholders directly to any web-based application such as a website, custom URL's or promotional offers. All cards are standard CR80 plastics and can be customized in nearly everyway.  After selecting any combination of the features below that work best for your card program, continue building with company brand graphics, personal & identification photos, signature panels, holograms, security features and UV Inks.


Photo ID

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In addition to being a familiar and fully customizable water-resistant CR80 card that offers the ability to select and combine multiple features with many functions, the ID-ME card program is compliant with HIPAA and Privacy Laws.  This makes integration into existing government and healthcare platforms straightforward and seamless.


Electronic medical records (EMR's) provide medical professionals with the ability to properly evaluate, analyze and create successful treatment plans which aids in the planning of future government healthcare strategies.  Consequently, when the patient profiles, or PHR's, are kept up to date and electronically stored by both health care administrators and patients it makes transferring from one network or provider to another much faster and more efficient.


Well kept PHR's also work in parallel with insurance companies and are required to be accurate and complete by health care agency and organization standards to accommodate for proper bookkeeping, claims, reimbursements, etc.


With that said be mindful that in a legal situation involving alleged medical negligence, the outcome weighs heavily on the documentary evidence provided by the patient.


Everyone needs to keep their medical information electronically stored in one place that is easily accessible.  The ID-ME Card Program helps organize the most vital component of life...your health.

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